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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

Configuracion Windows 2003 PDC

Para el error
Origen: MSDTC
ID: 53258

David Grant (Last update 4/12/2005):
I corrected the error by doing the following:
1. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Component Services.
2. Click the "+" next to Component services to expand it.
3. Right click "My Computer" in the right window pane and select Properties.
4. Click the MS DTC Tab.
5. Click the "Security Configuration" button, a dialog box appears. Click "OK".
6. Click "OK" on the "My Computer Properties" box; this will take you back to the console.
7. Right click "My Computer" and select "Stop MS DTC" (this stops the MSDTC service.
8. Again, right click "My Computer" and select "Start MS DTC".
By following the above steps, it appears that this sets the MS DTC defaults resolving the error messages. Check the event log to verify that the problem is gone. You might also want to restart the server to verify this.

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